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g> Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 26, 2017
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ACTIVITIES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS – Week of March 26 – April 1, 2017
Sunday: Church Council – 8 am; Worship – 9:30 am; Sunday School and Bible Class – 10:45 am
Tuesday: Adult Confirmation/Instruction Class – 7 pm
Wednesday: Confirmation – 5:15 pm (all grades); Lenten Dinner – 6 pm; Service – 7 pm
Thursday: Bible Class – 1 pm

Future Dates: Lenten Dinners –3/29, 4/5; 4/23 – Baby Shower for Quintana

Church Secretary – Nancy Lee will be taking a few days off this week. All items for next Sunday’s bulletin must be in the office no later than Wednesday, March 29th.

Jean Schoen, Bob Heitmann, Vi Schroeder, Mary Dalton, Esther Hergert, Minnie Hergert, Carolyn Dyson, Roger Daeffler, Tallion French, McKenzie, Jeremiah (heart surgery), John Hergert, Peg Smink (stroke – rehab); Betty Bakke, Amy Taylor, Wayland Daeffler, Carter Hergert, Annette Lutz, Cheryl Sandlas, Jack Sandlas, Jim Dawley, Philomena Corsner; Mark Schneider, Douglas Bender; Corey Checho; Ron Heitmann, Leigh Henry, Laurie Coughlin-Schenck, and Linda Barbi

Shut-ins: Wilson Hauf, Jane Heilig

BIRTHDAY: March 20 – Jim Sandlas; 26 – Beth Reed; 27 – Patcy Corey and Shawn Aho; 28 – Jason Hergert; 29 – Emily Stephan and Jeremy Hergert
Anniversary: Diane and Bob Slater (3-26-76)

Barnabas Project – The Barnabas Project is in need of monetary donations and beds, clean mattresses, and household furniture. To donate, call 315-878-2886 or see Beth Reed.

Printer Cartridges and Cell Phones – We are collecting printer cartridges and may be left either in the box on the heater in the narthex or on the secretary’s desk.

Lenten Dinner March 29 is soup and sandwiches. Sign-up sheets are on the table in the fellowship area.

Heads Up!! Baby Shower – On Sunday, April 23rd at 2 pm, the ladies of the congregation are invited to a baby shower for Quintana’s baby boy, due to arrive April 10th. This is thru the Pregnancy Care Center. As soon as we receive a list of needs/wants that Quintana would like for her baby boy, we will distribute it so you can go shopping!! Any questions, see Janice Hyde.

Portals of Prayer for April – June are available on the table in the narthex and in the entryway table in the west entrance.

Spring Cleaning of the church for Easter will be Saturday, April 8th at 9 am. If you cannot come on the 2nd, a list of tasks is available on the table in the basement and the task(s) can be accomplished at your convenience. See Nancy Lee or Pat Cimochowski if you have questions.

Tyre Reformed Food Pantry and the House of Concern – both of these agencies are asking for help during this time of year – with either food items or monetary donations. A container is in the narthex for your food donations. Any money donations can be given to Nancy Lee or put in the offering plate with the indication of where you would like it to go.

Please lock your vehicle while in church and do not leave your purse or valuables out in the open at any time. Remember we cannot see what is going on in the parking lot while church services are ongoing and not everyone is as honest as you.

Personal History Data Sheets are available on the table in the narthex or on the table in the west entryway. This is to update birthdays and anniversaries for those we are missing.