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Waterloo, NY 13165

g> Confession of St. Peter Sunday, January 15, 2017
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Secretary’s e-mail address:

ACTIVITIES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS – Week of January 15 – 21, 2017
Sunday: Worship – 9:30 am; Sunday School and Bible Class – 10:45 am
Monday: Bible Class – 7 pm

Future Dates: Church Council – 1/24/17; Annual Voters’ Meeting w/thank you luncheon – 1/29/17

Jean Schoen, Bob Heitmann, Vi Schroeder, Mary Dalton, Esther Hergert, Minnie Hergert, Carolyn Dyson, Bob Blodgett, Jeremiah (heart surgery), John Hergert, Peg Smink (stroke – rehab); Betty Bakke, Amy Taylor, Wayland Daeffler, Carter Hergert, Annette Lutz, Denise Burgio; Jim Dawley, Philomena Corsner; Mark Schneider, Douglas Bender; Corey Checho; Ron Heitmann, Leigh Henry, Laurie Coughlin-Schenck, and Linda Barbi

Shut-ins: Wilson Hauf, Jane Heilig

BIRTHDAY: January 16 – Logan Fleming; 17 – Betty Heitmann , Amber Fowler; 18 – Suzanne Lesslie; 20 – Sebastian Beltran
Anniversary – Brent and Susan Beltran (1-22-83)

Acolyte Jordan Kraft
Altar Betty Heitmann and Irene Barber
Ushers Mel and Nancy Lee
Refreshments Janice Hyde

Barnabas Project – The Barnabas Project is in need of monetary donations and beds, clean mattresses, and household furniture. To donate, call 315-878-2886 or see Beth Reed.

Printer Cartridges and Cell Phones – We are collecting printer cartridges and may be left either in the box on the heater in the narthex or on the secretary’s desk.

January – March 2017 Portals of Prayer are available on the table in the narthex or on the small table in the west entrance.

PLEASE NOTE BOARD AND COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS: Annual reports must be in the office no later than Tuesday, January 17th. See Nancy Lee if you cannot meet this deadline.

Annual Voters’ Meeting and Thank You Luncheon for the congregation on Sunday, January 29th. Please plan on staying for the meeting and the luncheon afterwards.

Have you – prayed for the church and people in need; attended services; contributed funds for the budget, building fund, missions, VBS, special offerings, for a relative, friend, or neighbor, memorial; cut the grass; pulled weeds; served on the altar, acolyte, ushered, cleaned, provided snacks or food for dinners and fellowship, listened to someone who needed a friend, visited a shut-in, someone sick or in the hospital or nursing home; shoveled snow or raked leaves, served as an officer, board or committee member of the church; assisted the Pastor in any way; helped with Sunday School, VBS, Youth, music, Children’s Talk, etc. These are some of the things members of the congregation do on a regular basis and the Church Council would like to say a big THANK YOU at a soup and sandwich luncheon before the Annual Voters meeting on Sunday, January 29th.

Pastor’s Absence – Pastor and Susan will be attending a conference this week in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. If you need assistance, please call the church office, Nancy Lee at home, or one of the Elders.

Adult Membership/Information Class will begin on Tuesday, January 31st at 7 pm. Any questions, see Pastor.