July  07, 2020

Praying the Psalms with Luther

READ: Jeremiah 31:1-22   Psalm 38   Acts 18:18-28

The 38th Psalm is a Psalm of prayer in which the psalmist laments over his sins, on account of which his conscience despairs and is greatly afflicted, and can see nothing but God’s arrows, that is, God’s anger, threats, death, and hell. These sorrows consume marrow and bone, strength and fluids. They disfigure the appearance and the complexion and alter one’s total understanding and demeanor. To truly feel one’s sins and despair over a guilty conscience is torture above all torture.

The Psalmist teaches us to hold fast and not despair. He teaches us to arm ourselves with prayer and lat claim to God’s promise of God’s righteousness. Then, the comfort of faith will flow again. Likewise, pray and do not despair in any anxiety, even though we are sinners and feel sharply the burden and assault of our sin and it’s guilt, Jesus is on our side.


PRAY:   Dear Lord, righteous and merciful God, do not punish us in Your displeasure, as we do so richly deserve, but be gracious to us according to Your mercies, for we are poor and miserable. Do not remember the guilt of my many sins, but remember the bloody merits of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Strengthen our hearts with the comfort of Your Holy Spirit, and preserve us in the faith and hope unto our end. Amen.


We are on Facebook “live” during the service.  It is also available to watch any time after we meet.   Jesus be with you!


If you would like a copy of the Sunday bulletin, copies will be available in the plastic box on the ledge by the west entrance door by 11 am each Friday.


We continue to pray for those on our prayer list:

Lillian Jensen, Ella Adler, Sandra Waelz, Jim Dawley, Patricia Fleming, Tom Reilly, Heather Costello, Scott Norris, Mary Dalton, Megan Seneca, Peg Smink, Carter Hergert, Cheryl Sandlas, Philomena Corsner, Douglas Bender, Corey Checko, Laurie Coughlin-Schenck and Linda Barbi

Shut-ins:  Vi Schroeder, Esther Hergert, Jane Heilig, Evelyn Rasmussen, Minnie Hergert, Suzanne Lesslie.



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5th Sunday of the Pentecost –  July 5, 2020

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ACTIVITIES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS – Week of  July 5 – 11, 2020

Sunday:  Worship – 9:30 am

To keep handling of paperwork to a minimum, we ask that your offering be placed in the offering plates at the bottom of the stairs.  Also, if you are not taking your bulletin home with you, please place in the box on the table at the bottom of the stairs.

Birthdays:  July 6 – Evelyn Rasmussen and Elaina Braun; 9 – Shirley Dawley; 11 – Erica Olsowske

Anniversaries:  Anne & Eric Jensen (7-1-95);  Mary Jane & Bill Holmes (7-6-68); Nancy & Mel Lee (7-7-73); Ida & Al Sawall (7-9-55); Linda & Lew Barbi (7-9-77)

Barnabas Project – The Barnabas Project is in need of monetary donations and beds and clean mattresses.  See Beth Reed.  PLEASE NOTE:  We are only collecting beds and mattresses as furniture has become a challenge for our people.

Printer Cartridges and Cell Phones – We are collecting printer cartridges and may be left either in the box on the heater in the narthex or on the secretary’s desk. 

 The July – September Portals of Prayer are on the table in the narthex.

 Communion Procedure – Please be patient!!  Follow the direction of the ushers.  Those wishing to take communion will be released by pew to proceed to the front. 

AS A REMINDER for Dismissal!!  When your pew has been released by the ushers after the service, please proceed out of the church (and hopefully to your cars).  If you want to talk to friends (while maintaining social distancing) please move out of the way of traffic to a secluded area outside.  Pews will be dismissed after the service from the back.  Instead of sitting down in your pew, you may stand and talk to people around you until your pew is released.

Flowers – The flowers on the altar are for the anniversaries of Mary Jane and Bill Holmes (52 years); Nancy and Mel Lee (47 years); Linda and Lew Barbi (43 years).

Does the church office have your email address or cell phone number?  Remember March 15th when everything was shut down due to the coronavirus?  How could we get in touch with you?  We had people call everyone!!  If we had your email or cell phone number we could have sent an email or text message to keep you informed.  Your information will only be used for emergencies.  Please either email the info to Nancy at contact@calvarylutheranwaterloo.com or leave it on her desk in the office.  Your info will not be distributed outside the office.