2414 Route 414 North
Waterloo, NY 13165

g> Transfiguration Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Sunday: Worship – 9:30 am; Sunday School and Bible Class – 10:45 am; Nursing Home Service – 2 pm
Tuesday: Adult Confirmation/Instruction Class – 7 pm
Wednesday: Confirmation –6:00 – 6:45 pm (all grades); Ash Wednesday Service – 7 pm
Thursday: Bible Class – 1 pm
Saturday: LWML – 9:30 am

Future Dates: Ash Wednesday – 3/1; Lenten Dinners – 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 29, 4/5; Church Council – 3/26 (Sunday – 8 am)

Jean Schoen, Bob Heitmann, Vi Schroeder, Mary Dalton, Esther Hergert, Minnie Hergert, Carolyn Dyson, Roger Daeffler, Tallion French, McKenzie, Bob Blodgett, Jeremiah (heart surgery), John Hergert, Peg Smink (stroke – rehab); Betty Bakke, Amy Taylor, Wayland Daeffler, Carter Hergert, Annette Lutz, Cheryl Sandlas, Jack Sandlas, Jim Dawley, Philomena Corsner; Mark Schneider, Douglas Bender; Corey Checho; Ron Heitmann, Leigh Henry, Laurie Coughlin-Schenck, and Linda Barbi

Shut-ins: Wilson Hauf, Jane Heilig

BIRTHDAY: February 26 – Alicia Comstock and Susan Beltran
March 2 – Brenda Braun; 3 – EvaMarie Hergert and Brett Downes

Acolyte Jordan Kraft
Altar Lillian and Anne Jensen
Ushers The Golden Family
Refreshments Sharon Galasso, Carolyn Dyson, Mary Dalton

Barnabas Project – The Barnabas Project is in need of monetary donations and beds, clean mattresses, and household furniture. To donate, call 315-878-2886 or see Beth Reed.

Printer Cartridges and Cell Phones – We are collecting printer cartridges and may be left either in the box on the heater in the narthex or on the secretary’s desk.

Family Hope Center (formerly the Pregnancy Care Center) Baby Bottles – If you did not bring your bottle, see Janice Hyde.

Recycling of our bulletins and paper products – So we are doing our part in keeping as much garbage out of our landfill as possible, a straw basket has been placed on the back shelf as you leave the sanctuary to deposit your bulletins. The recycle “blue” bin is below the windows by the counter with the coffee downstairs in the fellowship area.

For all Veterans and Families of Veterans of Any War – A commemoration Service of the Blue Star Service Flag will be held on Sunday, March 19th at 2 pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Waterloo. See the flyer on the bulletin board in the narthex for more information.

LWML Meeting on Saturday, March 4th at 9:30 am to fill “care” packages for our college students. If you have not provided your student’s address, please do so ASAP to Sallie Strauss or the church office.

Ash Wednesday Service this Wednesday at 7 pm.

Lenten Dinners begin on Wednesday March 8th with soup and sandwiches. Sign-up sheets are on the table in the fellowship area. If you would like to attend the dinners or Wednesday Lenten services and no longer drive at night, please contact the secretary or church office and we will arrange for someone to pick you up.

Special Voters’ Meeting on March 12th to authorize memorial funds be transferred for kitchen update.