August 02, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: James 4:13-17 // Psalm 118

“You ought to say, ‘if the Lord wills, will live and do this or that.”
James 4:15

Planning for the Trip

When beginning a trip, you could just get in your car and start to drive wherever the roads might take you. Usually, however, it is better t do some planning – study a map and learn where you would be going. In this way, you will know what clothing to pack and know what equipment to take along.
God’s Word is our map for the trail of life. Here, He shows us the way; it isn’t by our goodness that we will get there. The only way is through Jesus, God’s Son, who took our place and was punished for our sin, and the sins of who have lived, are living, or will live.
God’s Word is the equipment we need to take along in our lives. He gives us guidance to meet the challenges and opportunities that will come. He also gives us the spiritual strength we need to face these and to remain faithful in Him.
Here, God comforts us that we are in His keeping also when the trail takes turns we don’t expect or particularly enjoy. So just as one does not look at a map only at the beginning of a trip, but throughout the journey, we keep using God’s Holy Word daily on life’s trail.

August 02, 1990

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