August 12, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: Acts 16:6-10

“They attempted to go to Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them.”
Acts 16:7

Baffled for Greater Usefulness

The decisions of God can leave us perplexed, especially when we try to serve Him and fail; a door closes mysteriously, and we have to abandon our purpose. Thus, the Apostle Paul must have been perplexed. He had attempted to enter the province of Bithynia, intending to do God’s work there. Yet the Holy Spirit Himself, whose very work is that of bringing sinners to Christ, barred the way in a manner to us unknown. The Apostle must have also wondered about this. Then he learned why this had been. All unknown to him, a great door was now open into the whole continent of Europe. There he was needed the most. God conserved Paul’s strength and his remaining years, for the greater task by closing the way to the lesser.
The same reason also lightens our “bafflements”. We are poor judges of our best abilities and opportunities. Sometimes, we try to undertake tasks for which we are un-suited. Or we are unaware of other tasks for which we are better suited. We sometimes mistake the less important for the more important. And so, God conserves our strength and time by making some things impossible for us. He guides our usefulness into more fruitful fields, often closing other doors.
We are to try to serve God as think best. If we are wrong, we may trust Him to correct us and guide us. He will put us where He wants us, if necessary by closing doors. But He baffles us in the present only to guide us to greater usefulness in the future.

Heavenly Father, guide my days and service while giving me humility and trust to follow Your leading. Amen.

August 12, 1940

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