July 14, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: 1st John 3:1-3 // Psalm 38

“Creations waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.”
Romans 8:19

Looking Ahead

Much of what we do today is for tomorrow: plant in Spring for harvest in the Fall; school today for a career tomorrow; work now for wages later; save in the present for spending in the future. However, there is much that is discouraging about looking and planning ahead. The auto salvage yards of our cities are filled with twisted and broken wrecks. A few years ago, those cars were beautiful and gleaming on the lot, and people yearned to own them.
What we look forward to and work for so often wears thin, and wears out. Moth holes, mildew, rust, and ashes are the symbols of yesterdays hopes. Still, we set our eyes and hearts on the things that will pass away.
One thing endures: the Word of God with God’s promise of life. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Men could see God’s promise being kept. They could see His love in action as Jesus lived and loved and died and rose, emerging from the tomb with never-ending love for us. The Son of God makes us children of God. The completion and perfection of this gift awaits us in glory that never fades away.

Raise our sights, Lord, and be our hope, our joy, our peace. Amen.

July 14, 1965

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