July 16, 2021

Day by Day with Martin Luther

Read: 1st Chronicles 22:1-27:34 Romans 3:9-5:5 Proverbs 19:13-17

“Our Active God”

“This also comes from the Lord of hosts; He is wonderful in counsel
and excellent in wisdom.”
[Isaiah 28:29]

Therefore let us learn this rule and order which God is want to employ in governing His saints. For I, too, have often attempted to prescribe to God definite methods He should use in the administration either of the Church, or of other matters. I have, too often said; “Lord, I have my way, and you might consider it”. Nevertheless, time has shown my way to be disadvantageous to the Kingdom of God. In short, God’s plans are just fine, and will always work to His glory and to our good. Undoubtedly, the Lord laughed at my wisdom; “Oh, Dr. Luther, you know so much, and yet, know so little. Just teach and preach my pure Gospel, that’s all you need to know.” My friends, that is where we will see God most active, as He forgives His people.

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