July 20, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: Romans 8:18-25

“No one looks on the light when it is bright in the skies.”
Job 37:21

The Light in the Clouds

Some days are radiant with light. The sun, which God created to rule the day, shines from a clear sky. Other days are dark and foreboding, even at noon. The light is really never gone. It is just not always visible, though we know it is shining behind the gloom. We have had those days. We know that, sooner or later, the wind will sweep away the clouds and restore light to our eyes and bring gladness to our hearts.
Our lives are often on the un-illuminated side of the cloud. The light often seems indistinct. The fault lies with our limited minds. We cannot understand the fullness of God’s being, nor the mystery of the Godhead. We cannot fully understand the mysteries connected with the divine plan of redemption.
But it matters little, since enough mystery is revealed in the Gospel to show us the way of salvation. We know that God loves us and sent His Son to save us. We have sufficient truth shining through the cloud in the Word of grace. The pure rays of the Gospel always filter through our darkness of sin, giving us strength to walk the path of faith. In heaven, we shall see behind the clouds the overwhelming light of God’s glory.

July 20, 1969

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