July 22, 2021

Day by Day with Martin Luther

Read: 2nd Chronicles 6:12-8:10 Romans 7:14-8:8 Proverbs 19:24-25

“The Unexpected Change”

“So Joseph said to his brothers, “Come near to me, please.” And they came near. And he said, “I am your brother, Joseph, whom you sold into Egypt.”
[Genesis 45:4]

We may not look at the manifestation of Joseph only in passing, but may consider the great affection of heart by which Joseph and his brothers were benumbed. I would not know how I would have reacted when he said: “I am Joseph.” Nor do they know. What will happen then, when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ comes, who also disciplines us in various ways in this life, and allows us to be troubled, scourged and killed? What great joy there will be after that sudden and unexpected change, since we previously felt that He was a very harsh tyrant who wanted to destroy everyone. Then He will say: “I am Joseph; I am your Savior.”

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