June 09, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: Hebrews 10:18-24 / Psalm 115

“By a single offering He has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.”
Hebrews 10:14

Once for All

Some kinds of damage can be made good. If I break a piece of glassware in a store, I can pay the purchase price back to the store owner. If I dent the fender on someone’s car, I can have it restored or replaced. The more serious damage, the more I must pay.
Other kinds of damage are beyond restitution. How could one replace a human life? Or the love lost between two people? Or the life stolen away from God and given over to His enemy? Such damage we do to ourselves in our relationship with the Lord. We do it when we withhold from God the total loving obedience and the perfect trust we owe Him. We can never make it up to God.
But Christ could, and did make perfect restitution. He replaced our failures with His prefect righteousness. For the cancellation of all my guilt and the penalty, He went to His cross for me. By His action, I am restored to what I was meant to be. I have been stamped with the sign of the cross of Christ, who made good for all the damage. Covered by His perfection and sacrifice, I am so perfectly restored that I pass my Maker’s inspection and He accepts me into His service.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for clothing me in the robe of Your righteousness. Amen.

June 09, 1977

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