June 11, 2021

Day by Day with Martin Luther

Read: 1st Kings 8:1-12:19 Acts 7:51-9:25 Proverbs 17:1-5

“The Covenant of Grace”

“He sent redemption to his people; He has commanded his covenant forever.
Holy and awesome is his name!”
[Psalm 111:9]

Christendom can err and make mistakes, but it does not remain in error and sin. Against this it has the covenant of grace, in which Christ has become it’s very Throne of Grace [Romans 3:25] and continually offers forgiveness of sin. This is something that Christendom accepts by faith, as the Article of the Creed says: “I believe in the forgiveness of sin.” And in the Our Father it seeks and obtains it when saying; “forgive us our debts.” Christendom on earth is not at all without spot or wrinkle. It is not without sin, but in Christ it is holy, and in itself it is full of sin, as St. Paul so emphatically teaches in Romans 7:18. And so we pray; “Lord, cleanse me of my sin, those that are hidden and those that we committed in public”. “For your name’s sake, O Lord, pardon my guilt, for it is great.” Psalm 25:11

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