June 27, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: Acts 15:13-31

God-Pleasing Ministries

The first general Church meeting was held in Jerusalem. It was quite a meeting. There were some reports to be heard that were inspiring. Particular attention was devoted to the Church’s mission program. Nothing was quite so vital as this program. After all, the Lord said, “go therefore and make disciples of all nations” [Matthew 28:19]. Nothing had so filled all the delegates with joy as the wonderful reports of the Lord’s blessing on this advance of His kingdom.
Of course, there were those who found some fault with the procedure. There were those who felt that the new converts should conform to all the Old Laws of Moses as they had been forced. Others felt this should not be done. A real argument developed, which almost split the Church. No doubt the devil was rubbing his hands in unholy glee.
At this point, James settled the matter by the using his God-given common sense. When he finished his speech, the Gospel was more – triumphant. Christian love and harmony prevailed. Things that were obnoxious were removed. Everyone was happy to carry on as before, in fact, with greater zeal than before.
There is a lesson here for us all. The Word of God decides all important issues. Otherwise we must use our good, sanctified common sense and show love. In that way, peace and harmony prevail. May God bless His business among us and thwart the attempts of the devil to disrupt and hinder the work. Then we shall go forward as a strong and united Church.

June 27, 1954

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