May 24, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: 2nd Thessalonians 3:6-18 / Psalm 37:1-9

“Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times in every way.”

2nd Thessalonians 3:16

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Nations seek peace with one another so the world does not erupt into war. Families strive to keep siblings and spouses living in harmony to achieve happiness. Businesses labor to settle grievances with employees to ease production woes. Regardless of all the efforts put forth to gain it, peace is elusive. Although we seek peace, we often don’t find it. Both sides have to be willing to talk, to make concessions and compromises. Clashes of wills must end before peaceful solutions are found.
To us, peace means an absence of conflict. But Jesus, through the cross, gives a deeper, more abiding peace. He is our peace, the Prince of Peace. His peace gives us quiet rest and serene comfort, even in the midst of conflict, stress, trial, and war.
Jesus gives us the peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace comes into our hearts as He leads us to believe and trust His saving grace. He gives us His own peace – not a worldly peace – but the peace of sin forgiven, the peace of reconciliation with God, the peace bestowed on those who dine at the marriage feast of the Lamb in His kingdom, which has no end.

May 24, 2005

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