May 30, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: Romans 11:33-36

“The Almighty – we cannot find Him; He is great in power.”
Job 37:23

I Believe in God

A pastor tells the story of a little girl who knelt to say her evening prayers. She prayed as usual for her parents and her brothers and sisters, asking that God would take care of them. Then she added a new request: “and dear God, take good care of Yourself, for I don’t know what will become of us down here if anything should happen to You.” Isn’t it true that we sometimes act as though God could not take care Himself and His problems? Luther, the great reformer, at one time became utterly despondent. His wife, Katie, anxious to teach him a lesson in trust, dressed in the mourning clothes. When he asked about this, saying, “who died?”, she answered, “God”. Quickly, the lesson came home to him – Jesus already died – who are you? “The almighty … is great in power.” Committing ourselves into His care and keeping, we can rest assured that everything is being properly controlled and carried out. We confess, “I believe in God”. Some people use that expression merely to indicate that they believe in the existence of a god. But the Christian declares, I have confidence in God; I trust in His wisdom and in His judgement; I have not the least doubt that He can and will control my life in such a way that all things will work out for my ultimate good.
Heavenly Father, grant that I may never fail to see Your hand; grant that I may ever cast my care on You. Amen.

May 30, 1947

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