November 15, 2022

Day by Day

Read: Daniel 11:1-19 1st John 2:15-27

“Have Mercy, O Lord”

Let all men sing this verse with David and acknowledge that they are sinners and that God is righteous, that is, merciful. This confession is a sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to God, and David invites us to it. He wants this to be a teaching for the whole world. When the devil, or our conscience, accuses us because of our sins, we can freely confess that our sins are many and great, but not despair because of them. For though our sins are many and great, nevertheless we are taught here that the mercies of God are also many and great. With this argument all the saints have defended themselves against Satan, that though they were sinners, they have become holy by this knowledge, according to Isaiah 53:11: “the knowledge of Christ will justify many.”

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