October 17, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: Psalm 84

Why Does a Christian Go to Church

A Christian attends church because of it’s blessings. Which are these? What is man’s greatest blessing? Well, what is man’s greatest need? Man’s greatest need is to be reconciled to God, to obtain the forgiveness of sin. And now, what means yonder altar? The baptismal font? What does the pulpit stand for? Nowhere does God so richly dispense His grace and pardon as there. For all that this earth can offer, a Christian would not forego the quickened conscience, the hallowed thought, the sacred delights of devotion and strengthened hearth, the assurance of sin forgiven, the noble sentiments and emotions experienced in the house of God.
A Christian also goes to church for inspiration and Christian growth. The body needs the Sunday to regain the energy lost during the week, and the soul needs worship to replenish it after it’s decline throughout the week. What we need is new strength and reinforcement. Where do we find it? We find it in Christ.
We go to Church for comfort. To wipe the tears of sorrow from our eyes, to drop the balm of Christ’s love into our hearts that are desolate and tired, to lift up, cheer, and invigorate the drooping spirit and fainting heart, there is nothing like a visit to the house of God.

October 17, 1937

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