October 20, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: Revelation 2:24-29

“My teaching is not Mine, but His who sent Me.”
John 7:16

On this Rock

Too many people feel that what they believe is not really all that important. It is only important that they believe “something”. This is the kind of thinking that allows many parents to raise their children as “spiritual delinquents”. When it comes to eating, no parent allows the child to eat only cake and candy, no matter how much they might beg. Neither should a parent leave their child adrift in a sea of “religion” without encouragement, prayer, and Godly counsel.
No student should think of inventing their own formula in the field of physics. We cannot set up our own multiplication tables. In faith, also, we forget that we must also be vigilant to stick with the truth – no matter what the world proclaims.
The Bible simply does not allow us to invent our own faith. For those who questioned His teaching, Jesus had the ideal answer. “My teaching is not Mine, but the One who sent Me” [John 7:16].
Our answer should be the same. God’s truth does not change. Not only did Jesus proclaim it during His years on earth, but also through His apostles He left an inspired record for all to trust and to consult for all time. This Word is a trustworthy guide, able to lead us through the hills and valleys of our earthly days.

October 20, 1960

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