September 07, 2022

The Best of the Portals of Prayer

Read: John 10:7-18

“I am the Good Shepherd. I know My own and My own know Me.”
John 10:14

The Promise of Recognition

If the Scriptures did not picture our Lord as our Shepherd, and Christ as the Good Shepherd, we would undoubtedly carry with us a much different picture of the life of sheep. We certainly would not wish to be referred to as sheep; we resent even now being told we are “sheepish”, and many characteristics of the flock are not appealing to us.
Yet the picture of the Christian as a sheep and Christ as Shepherd has survived more bad poetry, second rate music, and third rate art, that any other image of this relationship. Pastors know that the 23rd Psalm and the parable of the lost sheep are among the most requested portions of Scripture by those who walk in the Valley of the Death Shadows. We like the picture because we like to see the Lord as the Shepherd. It is the figure He himself has chosen. He wanted to assure us of His concern; unlike the hired man, He would not run away in time of danger. He cared. As a matter of fact, He laid down His life for His life the sheep when that was necessary.
How blessed we are to hear again and again that He knows us. He promises to recognize us and to give us the power to respond to Him. Earthly recognition may be a wrong quest; it may involve pride and self-seeking. Heavenly recognition by Christ is our hope, our assurance, our security already in this life. We are known by God today and forever.

Lead us, O Lord, our Shepherd, and never forsake us, for Thy mercy’s sake. Amen.

September 07, 1957

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