September 22, 2020

Praying the Psalms with Luther

READ: Ezekiel 20 Psalm 58 Titus 1:1-16

The 58th Psalm is a Psalm of comfort against the stiff-necked teachers who stubbornly carry through with their error, stop up their ears, and never let themselves be corrected, but rather threaten to devour the godly. Using five comparisons, the psalmist comforts himself that they will not carry out their intentions – yes – they will not accomplish half of them. Though all of these intended to be great and proceed with success, nevertheless nothing shall come from them.

PRAY: Lord, the supreme Judge over all the earth, thanks be to You, because You judge equally and deal rightly with the children of men, abasing the wicked and exalting the pious. Teach us to trust Your providence, and whether we rest on beds of ease or must wade through turbulent waters, grant us grace always to say: the Lord is good and His ways are right. Amen.

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