September 24, 2020

READ: Ezekiel 22 Psalm 120 Titus 3:1-15

The 120th Psalm is a Psalm of prayer. It laments and cries out against false teachers who commit murderous crimes, whose false teachings penetrate like a sharp arrow that is powerfully shot. They spread themselves out like fire in a juniper bush, which burns easily and well, for it is fat and thick and susceptible to fire. In the same way, the people are much, much more susceptible to false teachings than to the true teachings as St. Paul [2nd Timothy 4:3] also says about the itching ears.

PRAY: O most merciful Father, guard us by Your power that we do not fall into the snares of slanderers and into the toils of those practicing deceit. Preserve us from soul-destroying errors. Give us teachers whose hearts are upright with Your Word, and kindle and increase in us the knowledge of Your saving truth, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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