September 29, 2020

Praying the Psalms with Luther

READ: Ezekiel 27 Psalm 52 Hebrews 2:10-18

The 52nd Psalm is a Psalm of comfort. It speaks of Doeg, who betrayed David and shed much innocent blood [1st Samuel 22]. He was a traitor and bloodthirsty dog, who slandered those who hope on God’s Word. He reviled God’s servants and incited kings and princes to shed innocent blood. This Psalm announces their reward, they shall be removed from body, goods, house, and land. But the godly shall remain and retain God’s house and His Word.

PRAY: Lord, righteous and Almighty God, we beg You to remember Your weather-beaten and tempest-tossed Church on this earth. Restrain her enemies, destroy their wiles, and hinder their violence. Preserve Your saving truth to us and our children, and grant us to praise You with a joyful heart, now in the Church militant and forever in the Church triumphant. Amen.

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